6 times No Waste Toner 337 737 Cartridge compatible Canon MF231 MF232w MF233n MF235 MF236n MF237w Printer


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UCAN 12000 pages No Waste Toner 337 737 Cartridge compatible Canon MF231 MF232w MF233n MF235 MF236n MF237w Printer 



 UCAN® 737AR CTSC is completely different with the traditional one-off and other refillable. 

It’s super durable toner cartridge that anyone can DIY , .

Achieve to really save money and really eco-friendly!


 Its main features:

1, Unique product design, no waste toner, let filling become incredibly easy and clean.

2, Customized accessories , make it high quality and durable , ensure can be refilled 6+ times.

3, Filling DIY, more save money and more eco-friendly.


Refill is incredibly easy:





 Its main advantages:

Let original disposable products become super durable goods:

1. Minimize your printing costs and purchase costs.

2. Refuse one-time, real eco-friendly!



Product   Parameters  :

Brand: UCAN® 

Product Model:  737AR 

Packaging: 1 Cartridge.

Initial Toner capacity: 95g 

First Print Yield:  2,000 pages (A4, 5% Coverage)

Service Life: 12,000+ pages

Compatible for: Canon CRG 137 337 537 737 937 toner cartridge

Use for Printer:  

 Canon LBP151dw
 Canon MF210
 Canon MF211
 Canon MF212w
 Canon MF215
 Canon MF216n
 Canon MF216nz
 Canon MF217w
 Canon MF221d
 Canon MF222dw
 Canon MF223d
 Canon MF224dw
 Canon MF226dn
 Canon MF226dnz
 Canon MF227dw
 Canon MF229dw 
 Canon MF231
 Canon MF232w
 Canon MF233n
 Canon MF235
 Canon MF236n
 Canon MF237w
 Canon MF243d
 Canon MF244dw
 Canon MF246dn
 Canon MF247dw
 Canon MF249dw
 Canon D570 


Easy to use and maintain: 






1,Free Shipping & 20 days to fast  arrival- except for a few remote countries (regions).

2,Delivery Day: 2-3 working days after your payment.

3,Cargo Tracking: we will provide the tracking number after shipping out.



Quality guarantee:  

We are a manufacturer of toner cartridges since 2004, from the beginning of plastic injection, all the production processes are our own to complete, product quality is more reliable and stable.

–Our products through the CE / RoHS testing and certification, not only the use of raw materials is non-toxic harmless, but also in the course of the use of no harm. Is healthy and safe.

–All products before the factory have been 100% print test to ensure that each product is qualified.

–If run into, and really have quality problems, we will discuss the solution with you immediately until you are completely satisfied.




Q1, Why CTSC needn’t remove the waste toner?
     The traditional toner cartridges, including the refillable toner cartridges, the capacity of the waste powder bin is limited. When the waste bin filled, you must move all the waste powder out. Otherwise, the cartridge can’t work.  But our CTSC needn’t , because it has the special structure features:
1, In printing process, the waste powder in the waste powder bin can automatically cycle back to the powder bin.
2, confetti and other impurities can be automatically separated from the waste powder to ensure the waste powder is not contaminated.
3, the waste powder can be fully mixed with the new powder. Thus, the concentration or local waste powder will not up to high level, and will not affect the print quality.
    Through these three functions, the CTSC achieve the waste toner  automatic recycle,needn’t to clean waste toner powder anymore.

Q2, Why CTSC needn’t replace chip?
The traditional (including easy refillable) toner cartridge, must be replaced the chip after refilling toner each time.
CTSC have a permanent chip. No matter how many times the chip is used, it never need to replace.
Its work principle: the same as the original one, but once power off, the data is recounted.

Q3, Why buy our matching filled toner?
1, Ensure completely sealed when filling, effectively protect your health;
2, Ensure the consistency of the toner, maintain good print quality.


   Feedback and Sharing: 

1, If you have any questions or dissatisfaction during the purchase and use of the product, please tell us, we will solve all your troubles in time.
2. If you are satisfied with this product, please give us a 5-star feedback ,and share it with your friends who have such needs, let‘’s Save Money and Eco-friendly together!


Warmth tips: according to your print volume,
choose shop in bundles, more affordable!

Thanks !


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